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Photos of 2012 'Teed off for Tots' 8th annual

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    Photos taken by Jen Reid during event held Friday, June 29, 2012. Thank You Everyone for your support and we hope to see you next year!

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January 12, 2004


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John R Smith, President

Hi Jessica,
We Thank you so much for Natalie's update! You are very welcome for the past assistance and we figured back then that she would sadly have some physical limitations. I would love to put some recent photos of Natalie up on our website. You could e-mail some digital photos to me and I'll gladly put them up along with your update. Thank you, John

jessica welch

Natalie is now seven years old and very strong. She has gone through nine surgeries and still continues to strive. She is bright and can move her arm at the elbow, she still struggles with everyday stuff like getting dressed and brushing hair. she's so special and is the best gift I ever recieved along with brother and sister. thanks john smith and everyone else for helping us in our journeys we have had. If any question please call me (518) 867-1141. Thanks and hope that next year is as wonderful as this one

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